About us

cms-imgAt Stay Little, we are fascinated by the world of art and design. We believe that imagination does not  limit inspiration. For us, fashion is a fun story, like that of Peter Pan:

Twin: Do you tell stories?
Wendy: Yes.
Curly: Then you’re perfect.

Our style is a reflection of what we experience (through all our senses). It combines the modern-contemporary, the traditional silhouettes that are borne out of our childhood memories, and a humourous twist. Our creations are through the softest of fabrics for the comfort of the children, and paying detailed attention to sewing.

Every season´s collection is a unique story. Let us present you what our imagination has inspired, so that your and your children´s imagination can take through it a fligh of adventure.

Why Stay Little?

Peter: Forget them, Wendy. Forget them all. Come with me where you´ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.

We believe in the magic of  childhood. We wish that children stay little, a little longer; and that their dreams and games fill our lives forever. Also, we wish, that children keep their senses open to the world, and constantly be curious and passionate to learn about it. Through our creations, we hope to inspire  their imagination to a higher level.

Winter 2016 Collection:

"Why, sometimes I´ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.", Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”

The Stay Little Winter 2016 collection is inspired by Alice in Wonderland: we fell down the rabbit hole, and into a world of our imaginative wonderland to harvest these creations.

So, let us invite you to our mad tea party, to meet the queen of diamonds, and to paint the roses red. Just a warning though: we are all mad here!